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Stone foundation repairs are offered by professional stone masons. For three generations property owners have called on us for all their stone and foundation needs. Having learned the masonry trade from passed on family experience with stone, bricks, blocks and cement we are qualified to cover all your foundation needs.
 At Thompson Crowley we provide professional masonry repairs using practiced and proven Massachusetts masonry. Our stone foundation services include complete pointing of stone and brick foundations, structural foundation repairs, bowing or sinking walls, beam, column, sill repairs and complete foundation repairs with waterproofing.

 We carry full insurance coverage and Massachusetts masonry license along with fifty plus years of family masonry experience. From 1964 until today our family has professionally worked in masonry. When hiring Thompson Crowley Pro Masonry for your stone foundation repairs your getting unmatched experience with New England foundation repairs.

 When contacting us for foundation or masonry needs you deal with the owners of the company. We are a small family operated company and take every job very seriously.

 No stone foundation repair should be considered too small. A small crack in the foundation base can lead to water infiltration causing basement leaks or flooding. Beyond basement water problems cracks in a foundation base are a sign of stone or brick movements. When there is a shift or settling in a foundation base, cracks typically appear above grade.
 The downward force of your home or property will hold the foundation temporarily in place. If cracks or shifting are serious enough bowing will incur and possibly fail. Foundation failure results in floors sinking, walls leaning, windows popping in or out, wall or sectional foundation collapse.
 Avoid these potential foundation problems and have professional masonry repairs made at the first sign of trouble.

 Stone Foundation Pointing

 Stone foundations in Massachusetts were often built with a masonry mix of lime and sand. Over time below grade pressure from ground water and silts dry out these masonry joints causing a soft flaky appearance or cracks.
 When foundations masonry joints become dry and flaky in a stone rubble foundation they loose there structural integrity. It is an unknown gamble of what will happen. Stones shift and settle causing bowing and wall failure. A lot of these rubble foundations were not built with attention to stone masonry practices. In professional stone masonry the stone holds the other stones together and we do not rely on cement to hold walls together.   
 Building with rubble being ledge stone or field stone the masons at this time used cements to bridge gaps to form foundation walls. With such a reliance on the cement when the joints break down over time repairs are needed.

  Over the years we have repaired thousands of stone foundations and fully restored hundreds of foundations. We offer complete wall pointing and stone setting. Removal of aged materials and wall pointing with lime based mortars or fortified cement. Stone masonry wall repairs with full brick, block and cement repairs. 

Foundation contractor considerations

Are you hiring a real stone and brick mason?
Do they have three generations of family masonry experience?
Are they fully licensed and insured with the state of Massachusetts for masonry?
Are they members of Better business bureau ?
Do they have unsolicited reviews on yelp, Angie's list, Houzz, Facebook, Yahoo and google ?
Do they subcontract masonry repairs or are they skilled enough to handle complete foundation job?
Do they have experience with structural foundation repairs?
Who's doing the work ? Will the owner and licensed construction supervisor be on sight during repairs or project?
Are they a real incorporated Massachusetts masonry company accountable for their work?
Do they have volumes of stone and brick work locally available with hundreds of examples?
Will i get a written contract with all stated services and terms?
Are they a local company Lynn, Salem, Swampscott and Salem property owners have relied on for trusted foundation repairs for years?

Do they professionally restore and repair stone foundations in Arlington, Lexington and Belmont area ?

Thompson Crowley is a fully experienced New England Masonry Contractor with all the above qualities and more.  

 Specializing in stone foundation repairs and basement waterproofing. Our basement waterproofing and foundation repair company has decades of experience working on historic New England foundations.

 We know what will work and hold up to our Massachusetts changing weather and extreme winters. Working with the dense blue ledge stone in Melrose, Swampscott, Burlington and Danvers foundations to the brick foundations in Peabody and Salem. We also provide historic stone foundation restorations matching existing stone. We often use reclaimed granite cut stone for accurate stone foundation repairs.

  Bowing stone foundation bases with leaning brick foundations. Loose or shifted brick corners can all be repaired and restored to a safe and secure foundation walls.

 Stone and brick foundations often experience water infiltration at the stone foundation base where the actual brick foundation begins. The New England stone foundation base is actually the footing usually measuring four ft. a very common depth for frost heave prevention. The four foot stone foundation base maximum height is typically right below grade with rough masonry to level footings for the brick masonry to begin.

 This is the weak spot due to excessive mortars used for leveling that deteriorate over time from constant ground water. Over the years the ground water pools and loosens this section of your Massachusetts foundation causing leaks. Installing a concrete barriers just below grade can create an apron effect and stop this type of foundation leak.

 Stone foundation bases in New England over time need restoration below grade. Below the grade of the ground water and loose sedimentary silts will cause hydro static pressure on the softest part of the masonry wall, the masonry joint. These ground waters eventually wick through and create failure (cracks and loose stones) or soft white flaky masonry joints. The masonry grout in these walls was often a masons mix of the era (hydrated lime and coarse sand) which will dry out and loose its bonding ability and loose rocks and shifts in the foundation base occur resulting in above grade cracks.

 Thorough repairs by removal of aged joints and re-grouting the masonry joints and setting all loose brick and stones is a solution to structural concerns and a necessary step in basement waterproofing.