We offer complete basement sealing and stone foundation repairs through out Massachusetts. We have location in Peabody and Burlington to better serve our customers. From Boxford to Boston we have you covered.

 Brick repairs,  stone foundation restoration services, concrete floor repairs, crawlspace solutions, column repairs, stone pointing, bowing wall repairs, structural repairs, sill repairs, joist and beam repairs. Lime foundation restoration with white washing sealants. Lime restorations and fortified cement repairs. 

We service Salem, Peabody, Danvers, Beverly, Topsfield, Ipswich, Newbury, Andover, Wakefield, Reading, Stoneham, Winchester, Wilmington, Burlington, Lexington, Arlington, Woburn and surrounding areas.

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 foundation repairs

Foundation service questions to ask foundation contractors

Do you repair stone foundation walls?
Do you replace all of the aged lime masonry joints with Portland cement based products?
Do you offer complete waterproofing and basement sealing?
Can you repair the brick and stone work before sealing the foundation walls?
Are you a licensed and insured foundation contractor?
Do you have an up to date Workman's Comp policy and liability insurance?
Are you experienced with foundation column supports and steal columns?
Have you solved hundreds of water seepage and infiltration problems?
Do you offer floor drains with sump pumps? Do you have on staff master plumbers?
Do you also offer concrete basement floor repairs?

We can answer yes to all these foundation questions and more. 

Foundation restoration starts with a foundation inspection. Addressing all the home owners concerns and questions. Are there water leaks or infiltration? Is there structural concerns ? Loose stones or bricks. Flaky mortar joints, spalling bricks or bowing walls.

Once all structural concerns are identified, water and wall coatings or waterproofing can be discussed. Simply applying home center paints or waterproofing agents will not stop or prevent water without masonry repairs or correct water diversion. We have years of experience quickly identifying and solving water leaks and all out basement flooding.

After all structural concerns are addressed and water problems if any are solved we can begin the restoration of basement foundation walls.

All foundation walls are repointed. Repointing first calls for the removal of aged masonry joints which are most of the time a simple masons mix of lime and sand. All soft stone and brick joints are repaired. Our company has the experience being stone masons to not remove crucial stone wedges and shims that support the stones. Removal of these shims cause the foundation wall stones to shift and fail or create cracks in the repaired walls.

When all wall joints have been chiseled and raked clean of debris or loose masonry joints we then hydrate the entire wall to activate any existing lime and to allow for a strong bond. Depending on the type of stone and its porousness we use either portland cement mixes or type s mortar. We then replace all loose or failing bricks with stucco and coating options. Only after all masonry repairs are complete then can we seal the walls with fortified cement coatings. Cement coating and waterproofing are hand applied with mason's brushes for best results.

After Thompson Crowley Masonry has completed a foundation restoration your foundation walls will be safe secure free of all voids and completely repaired.

Before sealant is applied to your walls they will be solid secure masonry structures with no sign of failure or loose debris. After sealing is applied your basement walls.


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Structural foundations repair including, wall rebuilds, stone foundation base repairs.

We offer complete foundation repairs on the North Shore and surrounding areas working exclusively with masonry foundations. Masonry foundations are made from brick, block or stone, excluding poured concrete. Brick foundation bases sit on stone rubble foundations. Our masons have years of experience rebuilding these foundation walls. After repairing foundation stone bases any brick work can then be repaired.

 Our company has the ability to rebuild sections of foundation walls without any additional signs of failure. This keeps the foundation repair cost down and avoids costly excavating, pinning or jacking. We have been repairing foundation walls for years and very rarely have the need to bring in an excavator or costly equipment. 

 The majority of repairs can be made from the inside of the basement. A lot of the time on the exterior the troubled areas are just below the surface where the stone base meets the brick walls. Over time water washes out the Portland cement in the footing bases and infiltration occurs. With some careful repair work we can resolve any masonry concerns.      

 Foundation problems often lead to several problems bowing walls, sinking flooring, water seepage or infiltration. We are professionals in identifying the cause of these problems and have the experience to completely eliminate the problem.

 Full service foundation pointing and basement waterproofing are also available. We only seal basements after all masonry work is completed.