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With three generations of experience working in Massachusetts our family has repaired and restored foundations and basements in Danvers for decades.

 Before cell phones and the internet there was a passed on tradition "word of mouth". Our family has been working in masonry for 67 years to date on the Northshore. If you did a bad job people new about it and you were not recommended for more work.

 With the passed on experience of working directly with our Grandfather and Father we were shown exactly how to repair and restore local foundations. Being expert stone and brick masons we are uniquely qualified to repair your stone and brick foundation.  There is no guess work or hoping for the best with imaginary materials promising to fix all.

  We repair and restore your foundation exactly how we were shown thirty years ago as apprentice masons with sand, lime and Portland cement.

 Our company makes use of historic period correct lime mortars and modern masonry waterproofing materials to complete your foundation restoration.



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Danvers Massachusetts first settled in 1636 as Salem Village has many fine examples of first period home construction including Georgian federal, Greek Revival, Italiante and Victorian.     Notably the Israel Putnam house constructed in circa 1648. Other noteworthy homes and estates would include Glen Magna Mansion, Derby Summer House, Page House, Tapley Memorial Hall and the "Ten Footer" on Locust st.

 In 1847 the railroad came to Danvers a street railway and construction of new homes began spreading through out danvers. In 1855 the Danvers town hall was built. The early first period homes and later homes in the 1800's all took advantage of local resources. First period homes were built with the use of field stone for a base and local timbers. Homes in the 1800's made use of native granite quarried in Nearby Lynnfield Kallenberg quarry and Quincy quarry. These operational quarries offered decorative granite dimensional stone that was drilled cut and split.  The dimensional stone was then dressed and sold for use in monuments buildings and foundations. 

 Many fine homes in Danvers made use of granite dimensional stone for an decorative functional foundation . With stone field stone rubble below grade and large cut dressed stone above grade this was the peak of 1800's construction.

 At Thompson Crowley Masonry Inc. our family has had the privilege to work on First period Danvers stone foundations and restore countless 1800's homes.

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