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 Burlington, Massachusetts masonry repairs and construction by Thompson Crowley Masonry a local masonry contractor. We specialize in brick, stone, cement and block repairs. If you are a Burlington property owner and have masonry concerns we can help. We are a small family owned company who live in the area and operate a third generation legal masonry company. We carry a state license for masonry and full insurance. All of our work is completed by our company with no subcontracting.

Having generations of experience we can meet all your masonry needs from small repairs to new brick and stone work.

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 Having three generations of masonry experience we can identify the cause of the masonry failure. Having the knowledge of what caused the brick, block or stone to fail we can then offer a solution to the problem.  The ability to match materials and know what is still available today allows for professional masonry restoration or construction Being New England mason contractors we know what works well and matches our environment and building style. 

 We can save you time and money with experience and knowledge of masonry business, materials and building codes.