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brick steps with natural stone treads. blue stone, lime stone and granite. 

Brick steps are a great way to add a touch of classic New England feel to any home.
At Thompson and Crowley our family has been installing brick steps for three generations on the North Shore. We install a full line of bricks with granite treads, blue stone treads or limestone treads. Brick stairs that are professionally installed add charming entryways to any home.

  Brick steps with granite treads and a granite landing are a favorite of ours and many property owners. We have been working with brick for decades and can cover a lot of ground in a short time frame.

 Often we can construct complete stair systems in one or two days. We offer clean professional brick work with installation skills we have learned over decades. We always double course almost all our work. That means if you see a course of bricks on your risers or returns for example, there's backer courses supporting the structure behind it. We weather all our corners for permanent and maintenance free brick step installations. Weathering of step corners is a parging of the inside corners of the steps. This creates a strong support for the brick work beyond the masonry bond.

All of our brick step work is code compliant and visually attractive as well. We are professional masons and installing brick stairs is a job for professional fully licensed and insured mason.
Don't take chances with the inexperienced or unknown companies go with a trusted name in masonry.  Thompson Crowley 617-633-1896

brick steps

Brick steps can be constructed with a variety of classic Massachusetts brick options.  In the past steps were constructed with brick treads which is each step the riser and the tread being made up of individual bricks. Today we use bricks for risers and the main structure of the steps but use dimensional stone treads and landing tiles for a secure and lasting set of stairs. 

  Granite treads and landing is by far the most popular choice of home owners in Massachusetts. Many North Shore homes in Salem, Peabody, Swampscott, Lynnfield and surrounding areas. We have installed many brick steps in Danvers, Wakefield, Middleton along with Beverly and Melrose, Saugus and Revere are towns known for their exceptional brick work. 

  If you live locally and would like to hire a licensed and insured third generation local mason  we can help. We repair, build and replace aging brick steps. 


brick step mason contractor considerations

Are they licensed and insured Massachusetts Mason contractors ?

Have they successfully built hundreds of steps?

Are they a real incorporated company, that is accountable to their customers and state compliance ? 

Have they three generations of family masonry experience working with home owners, suppliers, building departments and building codes ?

Do they own all their own equipment for demolition, disposal and masonry construction ?

Do they provide railing construction for your steps ?

​At Thompson Crowley we have you covered with all your brick step concerns or needs.

If you need your steps repaired or replaced we can help you meet your project goals with experience, affordable pricing and professional masonry