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 Thompson Crowley offers the best masonry repairs for home and business owners. How can we say that? By having fifty years of family masonry repair service under our belts in Massachusetts, we know what works. 
 Over the generations we have learned the best way to repair brick, blocks, stone and cement. Stone foundation construction and repairs being the mainstay of our company led to all aspects of stone foundation restoration and stone masonry projects. With such vast experience with stone foundations we can safely say we know the best way to repair stone foundations. Repairing bowing foundation walls, foundation restoration and repairs are all second nature to us. At Thompson Crowley we can help you with all your foundation and masonry repair needs.

 Brick masonry will always be a big part of our company we are brick layers by trade and training. Learning the masonry business from our family in the 1960's we learned all aspect of masonry being brick laying, stone wall building , concrete crack repairs, pavers and basement sealing. 

 Here at Thompson Crowley we can help you with all your masonry repairs and construction. We don't cut corners to save time. We make actual repairs the correct way that last for generations. A masonry repair should be a one time event not a yearly patch job. Save time and money by having a professional masonry company repair your masonry work.

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The best masonry repair is the one you make once. Save time and money by hiring a professional Massachusetts masonry company to to repair or replace your masonry. We have been fixing, restoring and replacing masonry with new masonry construction for three generations. We know what works best and what will hold up over time. Avoid patch work that does very little to resolve the brick, stone or cement problem.

 Masonry in New England fails for many reasons all which we can identify and fix the first time.There are several causes of masonry failure. Be it poor initial construction, water infiltration, product failure or external conditions causing damages that affects the structure or masonry unit.


Offering professional masonry repairs completed by the owner of the company with unmatched experience in Massachusetts masonry repairs. No hired help just experienced third generation New England masonry. We truly offer the best masonry repairs.

Our company has Peabody and Burlington area locations we typically work in Arlington, Winchester and Peabody, Danvers area. Our stone and brick work can be seen through out Massachusetts.

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