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Basement waterproofing sealant applications is the final step in true waterproofing services. Portland cement based sealant provide an increased barrier to hold back hydro static pressures. Professional sealants such as polymer fortified sealants or elastomeric sealants come in a variety of colors if desired. Sealing basement walls eliminates dampness and musty smells. The visual difference is stunning and a sound investment to any homeowner seeking true basement waterproofing.

Our basement waterproofing services 
foundation repairs
brick repairs / stone repairs
complete foundation pointing (removal of all aged lime joints)
waterproof sealant applications
basement floor repairs (concrete repairs)

concrete floor repairs
french drain systems (dry wells and sump pumps)

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 We offer complete basement waterproofing and stone foundation repairs.  True masonry restorations with complete re-pointing by actual masons with unmatched experience no gimmicks just masonry.

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 Our family has been repairing masonry foundations for three generations.  Massachusetts's best foundation repair and basement waterproofing, we know how to restore your brick or stone foundation and waterproof it. We use traditional masonry by actually doing the work and repairing the walls, floors and foundation base. We offer expert residential stone and brick repairs with basement sealing often at a great savings to excessive outside excavation or bumper drains.


 Basement waterproofing often begins with the obvious: masonry repairs. Filling masonry voids by removing failing masonry joints and pointing foundation walls is essential in any professional basement waterproofing project. Repairing foundation walls before basement sealing is a must, otherwise the waterproofing sealant just isn't a great enough barrier to stop water seepage or infiltration. Masonry joints that have been softened over time due to salts from hydro-static pressure and capillary action are void of the necessary amounts of Portland cement.
 With the masonry repaired a sufficient barrier is in place. The water will then be stopped and begin to rise and create run off again.
Once the masonry foundation repairs are made and all water is differed by checking downspouts and gutters to make sure water isn't gathering and raising the water table in one area.  We can then begin to consider basement sealing. Basement waterproofing is only achieved by attention to these preventive measures. Simply applying sealants will have very little basement waterproofing  advantages.

 Our company has generations of basement waterproofing experience. We have been repairing brick and stone foundations eliminating water problems for decades. Our basement waterproofing on the North Shore is well known, contractors and homeowners alike have been trusting our expert masonry repairs and ability to quickly solving water problems for decades. Quick fix sealants just don't hold up without masonry repairs being completed.